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Hello! If you are reading these lines, it means someone recommend us to you, welcome! 


We are a Paris based association of young French licensed Museum guides and performing artists fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese, with at least five years of experience in the fields of Tourism or Culture.

In concrete terms, we talk about Art and History for six hours a day while walking 15.000 steps inside the Louvre, Versailles, D'orsay, Fontainebleau and many other National Museums. That's what we do, that's our passion and our job. 

We created this one very tour "Paris Alleyways", a synthesis of all these years spent telling the stories of history, real concentrate of historical facts and anecdotes, to share our history-telling dynamic to the outside-Museum world :

For the time of a visit, Paris will be for you like an open-air theater, with its alleyways for stage and its monuments for decoration. Through an informative speech tinged with humor, we will relieve the History of France through countless historical facts and anecdotes, jokes, tongue twisters and play of words, for you to meet kings and emperors, artists and inventors who made the richness of French cultural heritage, for you to simply discover the best we have in Paris in a lively and happy way.

Amazement and laughter guaranteed, for adults and children alike.

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